Kids Preschool: Kindergarten Learning Games Free

Kids Preschool: Kindergarten Learning Games Free

Kids Preschool: Kindergarten Learning Games Free

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Details of Kids Preschool Learning Games (Preschool Alphabet (ABC), Number (123) and Words Learning Games)

Kids Preschool / pre-school learning games is a complete learning game/games for kindergarten, toddler or children. This is all-in-one kids learning game/games to teach everything they need before starting their school or kindergarten.

Kids preschool game is developed to help parents teaching their kids / toddler basic education in the easiest way. Kids’ preschool learning games designed for all children / toddler from 2 to 8 years old. This game also featured with alphabet and number games to teach toddler with fun.

The game features with the levels of Alphabet A B C games, Number 1 2 3 games, Kids Math, Kids Words, Kids Drawing, Kids how to write, Kids Words Advance, Kids Puzzle, Kids Story and Kids Technology. Each level is very clean and funny to learn for kids.

Kids’ preschool games features:

1. Alphabet (A B C, a b c) games
2. Number (1 2 3) games
3. Kids Math games
4. Kids Words games
5. Kids Drawing games
6. Kids How to write A B C and a b c games
7. Kids How to write 1 2 3 games
8. Kids Advance Words Learning Games
9. Kids Puzzle
10. Kids Story
11. Kids Technology

Kids Preschool Math Games:
Kids Math 1 (Easy) game:
1. Kids Math Counting
2. Kids Math Listening
3. Kids Compare Number
4. Kids Math Arrangement

Kids Math 2 (Medium) game:

1. Addition

2. Subtraction

3. Multiplication

4. Division

Kids Math 3 (Hard) game:
1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication
4. Division

Kids how to write games:
1. How to write A B C game
2. How to write a b c game
3. How to write 1 2 3 game

Kids Preschool words games:
1. Learn Animals name
2. Learn Fruits name
3. Learn Vegetables name
4. Learn Clothes name
5. Learn Body Parts name
6. Learn Colors name
7. Learn Natures name
8. Learn Vehicles name
9. Learn Birds name
10. Learn Technology name
11. Learn Sports name

Alphabet games and Number games levels are designed with easy listening and touch options so that kids can learn alphabets in a simple and funny way.

Kids math games part is designed with three levels; Easy, medium and hard. Following Step-by-step method, children can learn basic math very easily in Kids’ School Math section.

Kids’ preschool Words part is designed for your kids with most popular words they need to learn at their age. This part is featured with animal, fruits, vegetables, clothes, body parts, colors, natures, vehicles, birds, science and sports. Children can learn hundreds of new words with visual image, text and sound.

Kids’ pre-school Drawing level is featured with many pre-sketched images those can be designed in many ways with multiple coloring tools.

Kids pre-school ‘How to write’ level is the most exciting part for the kids to learn how to write alphabets and numbers by tracing.

Kids’ Advance provides enjoyable word puzzle games for your children who have become little expert in writing or reading.

Kids’ preschool Puzzle, Story and Technology levels are under development phase. In the coming version, these features will be updated.

Let your kids/toddler enjoy the Kids’ preschool game and learn the important basic pre-school lessons in a simple, fun and easy way.


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